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Be there LIVE on April 22nd, 2021, at the Metropol Theatre in Munich (Live stream)

An Interview with James Newton about his Debut Album

Streaming live from the Metropol Theatre in Munich on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021, from 8pm

Musician and actor James Newton presents his LP in a fascinating theatre ambience and talks about the album’s background and connection to lebensmut e.V.

This is also a highly anticipated premier for lebensmut e.V.

James Newton (29), German actor and musician with British roots, is donating all the proceeds from the sale of his debut album to the psycho-oncological organisation lebensmut e.V.

Live from the Metropol Theatre at 8pm, his LP will be placed onto a record player for the very first time to experience his emotional and pure songs. James Newton is hoping for a good start for his promising vinyl:

“All proceeds from its sale will go to lebensmut.”

James Newton’s reasons for the involvement with lebensmut are very personal: when his mother, Janet Newton, was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, she and her children turned to lebensmut. The organisation lebensmut e.V. offers support for cancer patients and their families in close collaboration with the LMU clinic. Lebensmut employee Serap Tari became an especially important figure in the 3 years leading up to his mother’s death – as a sign of his gratitude, the psycho-oncologist will be present at the album premier as a guest and conversation partner: “I’ve realised now that in order not to drift off into isolation after a traumatic event, the only thing that helps is to talk about it.” Shortly after the loss of his mother in 2019, James started working on “Heartland”: “This album is an attempt to communicate, when words fail.”

Also present on stage: Jochen Schölch, director of the Metropol Theatre, of which James Newton is an ensemble member. Newton was part of various productions at the Residence Theatre and the Metropol Theatre in Munich, as an actor, musician and performer, while completing his studies at the Bavarian Theatre Academy August-Everding; followed by TV productions and his cinema debut in 2018 in the comedy “After-work beer”.

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