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Hello... my guest! :) This is our little hangout page! I've uploaded the first single of my new album Heartland for you...and only you :) It's called "North Star"! 

Shoot me a mail and tell me what you think, see ya!

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01 - James Newton - North StarJames Newton
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My story

 "I wrote this album during the most challenging time of my life. In 2019, I lost my mother⁠ to cancer. I had to do something.⁠ Something. I decided to make an⁠ album and spent the majority of⁠ last year writing and recording it.⁠ This album is about loss.⁠ About death, quite frankly.⁠ But it is also about life, hope and⁠ a way forward. Most importantly⁠ it is an attempt to communicate.⁠"

Born and raised in Germany, James Newton's roots are in the North-West of England. Music ran in the family, but first he left school at the age of 16 to study acting instead. Music and writing songs was always present. "Heartland" is James Newton's debut album. Check it out!  


Hi, from April 22nd, 2021 you can download and record my songs and the album in your playlists via the popular streaming and download platforms.

Simply scan the QR code or click on the links

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